I have put together this guide to help folks building on highlands.  Allot of this will do with commands and the how-to, but also there are some guidelines to help keep things somewhat uniform.  Right now the mud really needs to develop its theme.  If you’re a first time builder or not currently working on any project I would recommend looking through this information.  There are some things such as coloring, object stats, and how things are formatted to keep everyone on the same page and hopefully save someone from having to edit allot of work.

            First I want you to make a storyline, map of the zone, and a rough outline of what you plan to do.  

    I want Mini-Quests in each zone experience/gold/object reward.  Also a storyline quest rewarded with qpoints.

    Take a look at the theme map for zones that is in need of building.  Some of these zones I want entered from different directions (not all south to north, or east to west).  I would like you to email that to me before you start building.  I have found it helps help the build keep focused and I have a chance to review things that might be needed for the zone.  

Good place to start researching for a particular zone in the theme build project can be found at.

The Theme Map