AntiPaladins are similar to thieves in that they have the backstab skill however, the skill is not as strong as it is for thieves. They have 3 attacks and spells to use against their foe. They are encouraged to keep an evil alignment, an antipaladin can only cast his spells when he is aligned evil. AntiPaladins get a damage bonus when they are aligned evil, and fighting a good mob.

Backstab Level 1
Is a way to sneak up on a person, and attempt to place your weapon in his back at exactly the point where it does most damage. A successful backstab gives a damage multiplier, depending on level.

The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on how well you have practiced backstab at your guild. You can always backstab sleeping persons.


Trip Level 1
The chance of a trip depends upon how well you are learned. To trip
someone is to attempt to 'knock' a person down. If you succeed you will cause him to fall down onto the ground causing 1 point of damage.

A successful trip will cause you to be unable to type commands for 2
rounds of violence, and cause your victim to be unable to type commands for 3 rounds of violence and sit down.


Hide Level 3
When you type hide there is a chance that you hide in the room. If hidden you can only be "sensed" by the "sense life" spell affecting a mob/player. Even if sensed your identity will remain hidden. Hide is broken by pressing return, regardless of whether you typed a command or not.
Disarm Level 5
The chance of a disarm depends upon how well you are learned. To disarm someone is to attempt to 'knock' away that person's weapon. If you succeed you will cause him to drop his weapon. If you miss, your opponent will be able to attack one extra round. A disarm makes you unable to type commands for 3 rounds of violence for a success, 2 rounds of violence without.A character without a weapon will do less damage and will be unable to parry.


Armor Level 5
Armor spell creates a protective field on its target


Dodge Level 7
The chance of dodging an attack depends upon how well you are learned. If you succeed, you would have skillfully avoided your opponent's attack.
Corruption Level 8
If you are evil or neutral this spell is a great way to start off a battle 
by punishing the good for being good.


Fear Level 9
This spell causes fear in the hearts of the brave. Works best when you need a break from fighting a particularly tough mob.


Secondattack Level 10
This skill imparts the ability to attack once more than your primary attack. Highly useful while in combat.
Sneak Level 12
Used for sneaking (moving in and out of rooms without any mob/player taking notice). When you type sneak, you begin sneaking and a (+) appears at the end of your prompt indicating that you are sneaking. To stop sneaking, type sneak again. The sneak skill, unless toggled off, lasts for a period of time dependant upon the level of the thief.


Sense life Level 13
This spell will enable you to sense hidden life forms in a room.
Invisible persons are also considered hidden.


Blindness Level 15
Blindness will blind a victim failing its saving throw. A blinded person will have -4 penalty to both hitroll and AC.
Turn undead Level 15
Will do damage against undead mobs.


Poison Level 17
Casting poison on food or drink (containers) will poison it.
Eating poisoned food/drinks will poison the person eating or

A person who is poisoned will suffer 2 points of damage every
hour, and regenerate more slowly than usual.


Flamestrike Level 17
The caster calls forth a column of fire from the heavens to burn
the hapless victim.
Animate dead Level 20
This Anti-Paladin spell creates a charmed zombie to follow the caster. The zombie is of a level relative to the casters level. For animating PC corpses, the caster has to be have the ability to get the corpse (i.e., Be assigned by owner.)


Control undead Level 24
This spell allows an anti-paladin to gain control of an undead character. It is similar to the charm person spell in its other limitations.


Know alignment Level 25
This spell enables the caster to see the target's aura.


Vampiric touch Level 25
This antipaladin spell does 3-6 times the level of the caster in damage to the victim, it also adds 1/5 to 1/2 the hit points drained to the hit points of the caster, up to the maximum hit point value. The victim cannot be undead, since the undead have no life force to tap into.


Thirdattack Level 25
This skill imparts the ability to attack more than you normally can.
Highly useful while in combat. With _just_ the skill MULTIATTACK, you can get a maximum of 2 attacks. Used in tandem with DUAL, you would get a maximum of 3 attacks.


Curse Level 26
Curse cast on a person that fails the saving throw will reduce their hitroll by one and reduce their saving throw versus paralyzation by one. 


Energy drain Level 27
This spell does not give much damage, but victims failing their
saving throws will loose up to 40,000 XP points. The caster gains
a quarter of this XP.
Absorb life Level 30
This is an extremely powerful antipaladin spell. It's the area effect version of the vampiric touch spell, which drains some of the victims hit points and heals the caster for a fraction of the value of the drained hits.