Clerics are adventurers who have the ability to cast spells, granted by their divine patron. Clerics spells are primary protective, defensive and of healing. The more powerful the cleric, the more spells they have, and the more effect each one has.
Armor Level 1
Armor spell creates a protective field on its target


Cure Light Level 1
This spell cures minor wounds but as the caster's levels increase, he/she may cure more.

Scribe Level 1
Very useful skills for making useful scrolls.


Detect Poison Level 2
Cast on a person you will be able to see if that person is poisoned.


Continual light Level 2
This spell creates a ball of light which may be used as a light source.
Faerie fire Level 2
This spell makes a ring of light appear around the victim enabling its opponents to see and attack it better.
Refresh Level 3
This spell bestows more endurance upon the recipient. 


Corruption Level 3
If you are evil or neutral this spell is a great way to start off a battle  by punishing the good for being good.

Create Food Level 3
This spell instantly creates an edible magic mushroom. The mushroom will fill whoever eats it for the next (5+level) hours, up to a maximum of 24 hours.


Detect Magic

Level 3

This spell will let you see the magical aura surrounding magical objects.


Create Water Level 3
Expect disastrous results if cast upon a drink container which contains another liquid than water. Empty or water containers will be filled depending on the level of the caster.
Cure Blind Level 4
This spell will cure a person blinded by the "blindness" spell, it can not remove blindness caused by, for example, cursed items.


Cure serious Level 5
This spell heals fractures, cuts, and serious wounds with ease.
The amount healed depends on the caster's power.
Detect Evil Level 5
Detect evil will enable you to see the red aura surrounding evil persons and items.


Detect Invisibility Level 5
This spell enables you to see invisible items and players.


Know alignment Level 5
This spell enables the caster to see the target's aura.
Blindness Level 6
Blindness will blind a victim failing its saving throw.
A blinded person will have -4 penalty to both hitroll and AC.


Eartquake Level 7
This spell will damage everybody except the caster in that


Sense life Level 7
This spell will enable you to sense hidden life forms in a room. Invisible persons are also considered hidden.


Level 8
Bless on a victim will improve the victims saving throw versus spells by 1, and furthermore improve the hitroll by 1. Bless on an item currently has no defined action. It is only possible to bless non-evil items, and the object blessed may weight no more than five pounds per level of caster.


Poison Level 8
Cast on food or drinks (drink containers) you will be able to sense if it is poisoned.  Cast on a person you will be able to see if that person is poisoned.



Summon Level 8
Will summon a person of the name spoken. It is not possible to summon someone of three or more levels above your own. If you attempt to summon a monster, it will get a saving throw. Aggressive monsters cannot be summoned at all. Summoning a monster will cause the monster to attack the summoner provided the monster is not already incapacitated. Summoning a monster to a safe room will always fail.


Infravision Level 9
This spell will cause the victim to be more aware of living beings around him.

Cure Critic Level 9
This spell cures more than Cure Serious. The amount of cure depends on the level of the caster.


Remove Poison Level 9
Removes poison.


Dispel Evil Level 10
This spell will only affect evil creatures. An evil person of level equal or less than caster will suffer 100 damage points. If the victim is higher level than caster, the spell will inflict a lot of damage, saving throw versus half damage.


Locate Object Level 10
If possible you will know exactly where an object is, or the name of the person carrying it. If more than one object by the same name exists, you will get a listing of several objects. The maximum number of objects you can simultaneously locate is your level divided by 2.


Identify Level 10
This spell cast on yourself will tell you your stats and exact age. Cast on an object, this spell will tell the caster what attributes, type of item it is, and if it is magic and what type of magic it is.
Gate Level 10
This spell opens a gate to another dimension and summons a demon to you aid. The demon will be a loyal companion temporarily. The demon will only attack mobs equal to or less than your level when ordered to do so.


Word of Recall Level 11
The caster will be transferred back to his sanctuary (presently the Temple of Glen Finin).


Haste Level 11
This spell speeds up a characters fighting abilities. It adds 1 attack per round over and above normal attacks.

Call Lightning

Level 12
This spell will use the "force of nature" to make a lightning strike the victim. It is therefore only possible to call lightning outside, and it has to be raining (or worse). The lightning will inflict damage dependant upon the casters level.


Protection from evil Level 12
This spell will prevent all evil mobs 3 levels or lower than a protected person from attacking them. This is true even if the mob hates that person (i.e.has fought them before.)


Fly Level 12
This spell allows the target to walk on air. Thus, he will not get tired
as quickly and will be able to cross bodies of water.


Remove Curse Level 12
Will remove a curse on carried objects or any persons in the room.


Control Weather

Level 13
This spell will change the "course" of the current weather.


Flamestrike Level 13
The caster calls forth a column of fire from the heavens to burn the hapless victim.


Refresh critic Level 13
This spell is a more powerful version of refresh. It costs more mana points and restores more movement points.


Sanctuary Level 13
Reduces damage taken by the sancted fighter to half of normal.


Faerie fog Level 14
The caster of this spell creates a large volume of purple smoke to spew forth from his or her fingertips. This smoke will reveal the presence of any invisible people in the room, provided they fail a saving throw vs. spells. It does not reveal hidden people.


Heal Level 14
Heal will restore 100 hitpoints to a wounded person.


Harm Level 15
This spell causes the victim to lose up to 100 hitpoints.


Turn undead Level 15
Will do damage against undead mobs.


True seeing Level 15
This spell enhances the characters vision allowing him/her to see invisible, detect magic, detect evil, infravision and sense hidden life forms.

Dispel magic Level 16
This spell attempts to remove almost all magic from the target. An extremely nasty spell vs those that rely on magic for survival.
Mass invisibility Level 17
This spell makes every creature in the room, not including the caster, invisible.

Drown Level 18
The caster of this spell causes the water to engulf the victim, often causing death.


Sandstorm Level 20
The caster of this spell commands the wind to pick up within the desert and causes major damage to the victim.
Hands of Wind Level 20
This spell attempts to cast the victim out of the room.


Power heal Level 21
This is the best healing spell that clerics have. It restores 200 hit points to the victim. In addition, it removes blindness, poison, and it restores a small number of moves to the character (comparable to a refresh spell).

Forst Bite Level 23
Frost Bite is an area attack spell. If successful with a mob failing its saves, the spell will draw the warmth from it's body, thus doing damage to it.


Demonfire Level 25
The caster of this spell will have the satisfaction of watching a fire demon from the underworld burn the victim with hell spawned fire.


Holy word Level 25
Holy word is a room effect offensive spell similar to dispel evil. However, Holy Word is much more powerful in terms of damage. The caster must NOT be evil aligned to cast the spell, otherwise, the spell will backfire and harm the caster. The enemy must also 
be evil aligned for this spell to work.

Damage is based on the level of the caster and the alignment of the caster
Vitalize mana Level 25
Vitalize mana is a very useful spell. When you vitalize mana, your physical energy (moves), will be transferred to mental energy (mana). You'll get one mana point for every 2 move points.  You will, naturally, need to rest after this spell, since its completely physically exhausting.


Astral walk Level 30
Allows the caster to magically travel from his/hers/its current location to that of the victim. Victim can be player or mob.

Paralysis Level 30
Paralysis will render the victim motionless for a period of time dependent on the level of the castor. If affected by paralysis, a player/mob will not be able to perform any action, including combat.

Heal spray Level 31

Heal spray is similar to the heal spell in terms of function. The difference is that the spray will heal everyone, except the caster, in the room by 100 hit points.

Moon ray Level 31
Moon ray is an attack spell. When successful, every member of the caster's group in the same room will receive the effect of a cure light spell with no additional mana cost to the caster.

More damage is done if the caster is good aligned AND the mob being attacked is evil.



Wail of Banshee Level 35
This spell calls upon the spirit of a deadly Banshee from the lands of old Ireland. The spirit posesses the caster long enough to emit a piercing wail which harms and often kills every being in the room.