Mages are adventurers who have the ability to cast spells. Mage spells are primarily offensive and combative in nature. The more powerful the mage, the more spells they have, and the more effect each one has.


Magic missile Level 1
Throws a magical missile what causes damage to victim.


Brew Level 1
Very useful skill for making useful potions. Not all spells will work with these commands. Not all spells are meant to be brewed so some may not work.


Ventriloquate Level 1
For all people in the same room as the caster that fail a saving throw, the spell will make the object or victim appear to say the text written. People saving will only notice that someone tried to make it sound that way, not who.
Detect Magic Level 2
This spell will let you see the magical aura surrounding magical objects.
Detect Invisibility Level 2
This spell enables you to see invisible items and players.
Chill touch Level 3
This spell is more powerful than the magic missile spell. A victim failing its saving throw will get its strength reduced by one.
Continual light Level 4
This spell creates a ball of light which may be used as a light source.


Faerie fire Level 4
This spell makes a ring of light appear around the victim enabling its opponents to see and attack it better.


Invisibility Level 4
Self Explanatory.
Attacking while invisible will immediately break the spell.
Refresh Level 5
This spell bestows more endurance upon the recipient.


Armor Level 5
Armor spell creates a protective field on its target
Corruption Level 5
If you are evil or neutral this spell is a great way to start off a battle by punishing the good for being good.


Burning hands Level 5
This spell is more powerful than the chill touch spell.
Locate object Level 6
If possible you will know exactly where an object is, or the name of the person carrying it. If more than one object by the same name exists, you will get a listing of several objects. The maximum number of objects you can simultaneously locate is your level divided by 2.
Fear Level 6
This spell causes fear in the hearts of the brave. Works best when you need a break from fighting a particularly tough mob.


Fly Level 7
This spell allows the target to walk on air. Thus, he will not get tired as quickly and will be able to cross bodies of water.


Infravision Level 7
This spell will cause the victim to be more aware of living beings around him.


Weaken Level 7
This spell causes the victim to become weaker and thus more wimpy. The more powerful the caster, the weaker the victim would become.


Shocking grasp Level 7
This spell is more powerful than the burning hands spell.


Strength Level 7
A person will gain 1 strength point per spell (2 points if level of caster is greater than 18, 3 points if level of caster is greater than 25) up to their maximum.
Know alignment Level 8
This spell enables the caster to see the target's aura.


Blindness Level 8
Blindness will blind a victim failing its saving throw. A blinded person will have -4 penalty to both hitroll and AC.
Teleport Level 8
Teleport (with error) will instantly transfer you to another location in the world. This location is random, and thus there will always be a risk of landing in a fatal location. Mob teleport will send the mob to an adjacent room, if it exists. The adjacent room must be within the same zone from which the teleport originated. The door need not be opened for a successful teleport.
Conjure elemental Level 9
Causes an elemental to come to your aid.


Lightning bolt Level 9
This spell is more powerful than the shocking grasp spell.


Control weather Level 10
This spell will change the "course" of the current weather.
Identify Level 10
This spell cast on yourself will tell you your stats and exact age. Cast on an object, this spell will tell the caster what attributes, type of item it is, and if it is magic and what type of magic it is.


Dispel Magic Level 11
This spell attempts to remove almost all magic from the target. An extremely nasty spell vs those that rely on magic for survival.


Haste Level 11
This spell speeds up a characters fighting abilities. It adds 1 attack per round over and above normal attacks.


Colour spary Level 11
This spell is more powerful than the lightning bolt spell.
Curse Level 12
Curse cast on a person that fails the saving throw will reduce their hitroll by one and reduce their saving throw versus paralyzation by one.
Enchant weapon Level 12

This spell will enchant non-magical (non-modifying) weapons only.
By non-modifying weapons we refer to weapons that might alter any
ability such as for example damage. The only way to know if a weapon
is suitable for enchantment is to fully identify it.

The enchantment will modify the weapon as:

Level Hit Roll Damage

0..17 +1 +1
18..19 +2 +1
20..24 +3 +2
25..29 +4 +3
30..31 +5 +4
Shield Level 13
This alteration spell creates a magical force shield surrounding the victim, thus improving his armor rating.


Energy drain Level 13
This spell does not give much damage, but victims failing their saving throws will loose up to 40,000 XP points. The caster gains a quarter of this XP.


Crystal ball Level 13
This spell allows the casting mage to look into his/her crystal ball and spy on a player or a mob.


Sleep Level 14
If failing saving throw versus spell, the person will fall asleep. A person who is affected by sleep can only be awakened if attacked, or if a mage/cleric cast dispel magic on that person or mob, then the person will wake.
Mass invisibility Level 15
This spell makes every creature in the room, not including the caster, invisible.


True seeing Level 15
This spell enhances the characters vision allowing him/her to see invisible, detect magic, detect evil, infravision and sense hidden life forms.


Fireball Level 15
This spell is the second most powerful spell a magic user can cast.


Refresh critic Level 15
This spell is a more powerful version of refresh. It costs more mana points and restores more movement points.


Hands of Wind Level 16
This spell attempts to cast the victim out of the room.


Stone skin Level 18
This alteration spell causes the caster's skin to turn as hard as gratite, thus improving his armor rating.


Sandstorm, Level 20
The caster of this spell commands the wind to pick up within the desert and causes major damage to the victim.


Duplicate Level 20
This MAGE skill allows a mage to conjure a duplicate of an item in their inventory. The duplicated item must be the mages level or lower. The resulting clone will last a period of time relative to the level of the mage and that of the item. The clone will have an eq level equal to the level of the original item +1. Duplicating magical devices has a 50% chance of destroying the original.


Vitalize mana Level 20
Vitalize mana is a very useful spell. When you vitalize mana, your physical energy (moves), will be transferred to mental energy (mana). You'll get one mana point for every 2 move points. You will, naturally, need to rest after this spell, since its completely physically exhausting.


Frost bite Level 20
Frost Bite is an area attack spell. If successful with a mob failing its saves, the spell will draw the warmth from it's body, thus doing damage to it.


Recharge Level 23
Recharges a wand or staff. The wand must be in the caster's inventory. Upon success, the wand or staff will be recharged to contain a number of charges equaling at least the current charge (but no more than the maximum charges possible). Failure will result in the item exploding, and therefore, injuring the caster.


Portal Level 25
Opens a magical gate from the caster to the victim. Victim can be another player or a monster. Only one gate may exist in any one room at a time.


Acid blast Level 25
Acid blast creates a powerful blast of acid that does between HP of caster divided by 4 and HP of caster divided by 8 with a min 10 damage. This spell also has a chance of damaging the victim's equipment.


Regeneration Level 25
Regeneration doubles the rate of the natural regeneration of hit points and moves. At the same time, it doubles the rate at which other spells run out, both good and bad.


Megavolts Level 25
Megavolts is an attack spell, which when successfully cast, will electrocute the victim. Megavolts does more than twice the damage of the most powerful fireball spell at its max damage.


Energy blast Level 29
Energy blast is a room attack spell. Average order of damage to each mob is about the average of a megavolts spell when successful.


Meteor swarm Level 30
Third most powerful spell that a magic user can cast.


Sun ray Level 33
Sun ray is an attack spell. Damage is anywhere from 200 to 400 hit points. There is an additional damage bonus if the room is outside.


Wail of Banshee Level 35
This spell calls upon the spirit of a deadly Banshee from the lands of old Ireland. The spirit posesses the caster long enough to emit a piercing wail which harms and often kills every being in the room.