Monks are barehanded fighters that invoke the help of their religious order in battle through chants. At level 15 or higher, a monk wielding a weapon will incur a damage penalty. Starting at level 15, a monk will gradually lose his ability to wear armor. A monk gains damroll, hitroll, and armor class with levels. A monk can do a barehand damage equivalent to (2 d level/2)

Along with natural armor class, the monk has the ability to save against all attacks by a quarter (1/4) of normal damage. Saving success depends on the armor class of the monk and the levels of the monk and attacker


Chant Level 1

Chant is used by Monks to chant a song. The song name should not be in quotes. A list of monk chants can be obtained by typing 'practice' if the player is a monk.
Dodge Level 1
The chance of dodging an attack depends upon how well you are learned. If you succeed, you would have skillfully avoided your opponent's attack.


Stun Level 1

STUN, if successful, will put the victim into a more vunerable position. Any damage delivered to the stunned victim will be increased by 1/8.
Push Level 1

Push allows one to move a victim from one room to another provided thatthe doorway exists. If the push action fails, the victim will be hostile towards and attack the pusher. Push requires movement points, as dictated by the terrain the pusher is in, and on the destination room's terrain. 


Disarm Level 1
The chance of a disarm depends upon how well you are learned. To disarm someone is to attempt to 'knock' away that person's weapon. If you succeed you will cause him to drop his weapon. If you miss, your opponent will be able to attack one extra round.

A disarm makes you unable to type commands for 3 rounds of violence for a success, 2 rounds of violence without.A character without a weapon will do less damage and will be unable to parry.


Heroism Level 8

Heroism provides added hitroll and damroll for the monk chanting. If the person chanting is grouped, all group members in the same room will also receive a bonus. The amount of added hitroll and damroll depends on the monk's level. The effects of this chant are NOT cumulative.
Doorbash Level 10
This MONK skill will bash in doors. The success rate depends on your weight, strength and how much you have practiced. If you succeed, locked and closed doors are opened. If you fail, and the door is locked, you may jam it. If the door is jammed, it cant be picked, unlocked or bashed again (It may still be phased through though).

You will suffer minor injury if you bash the door in correctly, and more serious injury if you fail. Therefore, you must be reasonably healthy to even have a chance at bashing.


Invulnerability Level 10
The invulnerability chant gives the chanter a temporary enhancement to their armor class. 
Calm Level 12
This monk chant projects images of calm and serenity to the room stopping fights and making mobs forget their hate.


Secondattack Level 15
This skill imparts the ability to attack once more than your primary attack. Highly useful while in combat. 

Dragon punch Level 20
This is a powerful martial arts specialty developed by the MONKS
of the Orient. It does (level)d3 damage on the victim.


Regeneration Level 20
Regeneration doubles the rate of the natural regeneration of hit points and moves. At the same time, it doubles the rate at which other spells run out, both good and bad.


Quivering palm Level 20

Quivering palm is the most powerful monk attack song.
This song uses mana. The damage increases with the monk's level.


Third attack Level 25

This skill imparts the ability to attack more than you normally can. Highly useful while in combat. 


Budha's palm Level  30
Budha's palm is an area affect attack song. When chanted, all mobs in the current room will be attacked with an effective damage based on the monk's level. The song uses mana. Monks must be neutral or good aligned to chant this song.


Stasis Level 30
This monk chant stops the flow of blood through the caster giving him the chance to counter an attackers attack. This chant is level 30.