Paladins are better at raw combat than thieves, but not as good as warriors. They have 3 attacks, and spells to use against their foe. They are encouraged to keep a good alignment, a paladin can only cast his spells when he is aligned good. Paladins get a damage bonus when they are aligned good, and fighting an evil mob.

Kick Level 1
The success of a kick depends upon how well you are learned. The higher level you reach the harder you kick.


Disarm Level 1
The chance of a disarm depends upon how well you are learned. To disarm someone is to attempt to 'knock' away that person's weapon. If you succeed you will cause him to drop his weapon. If you miss, your opponent will be able to attack one extra round. A disarm makes you unable to type commands for 3 rounds of violence for a success, 2 rounds of violence without. A character without a weapon will do less damage and will be unable to parry


Parry Level 2
The chance of parrying an attack depends upon how well you are learned. If you succeed, you would have deflected your opponent's attack. You must have a weapon wielded to be able to parry.


Rescue Level 3
A rescue is an attempt to make a monster hit you instead of the person being rescued. You can only 'turn' one monster for each attempt. This is highly useful when playing in groups.


Secondattack Level 5
This skill imparts the ability to attack once more than your primary attack. Highly useful while in combat. With _just_ the skill DUAL, you can get a maximum of 2 attacks.


Detect evil Level 5
Detect evil will enable you to see the red aura surrounding evil persons and items.


Armor Level 5
Armor spell creates a protective field on its target


Bless Level 8
Bless on a victim will improve the victims saving throw versus spells
by 1, and furthermore improve the hitroll by 1.

Bless on an item currently has no defined action. It is only possible
to bless non-evil items, and the object blessed may weight no more
than five pounds per level of caster. 


Cure light Level 13
This spell cures minor wounds but as the caster's levels increase, he/she may cure more.


Thirdattack Level 15
This skill makes possible to attack three times.


Turn undead Level 15
Will do damage against undead mobs.


Cure blind Level 19
This spell will cure a person blinded by the "blindness" spell, it can not remove blindness caused by, for example, cursed items.


Dispell evil Level 20
This spell will only affect evil creatures. An evil person of level equal or less than caster will suffer 100 damage points. If the victim is higher level than caster, the spell will inflict a lot of damage, saving throw versus half damage.


Cure serious Level 20
This spell heals fractures, cuts, and serious wounds with ease.
The amount healed depends on the caster's power.


Protectioin from evil Level 20
This spell will prevent all evil mobs 3 levels or lower than a protected person from attacking them. This is true even if the mob hates that person (i.e.has fought them before.)


Shine Level 20
Shine is an attack spell which focuses a sphere of light damaging the victim
for a damage total between (caster level * 8) and (caster level * 10) and a bonus of (-(victim align \ 10)).


Earthquake Level 22
This spell will damage everybody except the caster in that


Remove poison Level 24
Removes poison.


Know alignment Level 25
This spell enables the caster to see the target's aura.


Flurry Level 25
Flurry allows a warrior to be able to attack all mobs fighting him/her/it within the same round. Flurry happens by chance during the course of the battle.


Cure major Level 25
This is the most potent of the paladin cure spells. It restores hit points
to the casting paladin.


Remove curse Level 25
Will remove a curse on carried objects or any persons in the room.


Cure critic Level 26
This spell cures more than Cure Serious. The amount of cure depends on the level of the caster.


Shield of Faith Level 30
This is a paladin sanctuary spell. It can only be used on the caster, and
lasts a comparable time to the cleric sanctuary.