28.07.2006 Cleric skill: repel added
28.07.2006 Command: lastgtell added
27.07.2006 Command: lastpub added
12.07.2006 Garden updated to allow newbies in.
05.07.2006 Linkless chars will now dc after 10 minutes.
05.07.2006 Color in battle damage messages fixed.
26.06.2006 Quest shop added to Glen Finin
26.06.2006 Connor's procs fixed.
24.06.2006 Sword/Blow Fish will no longer assist while charmed.
24.06.2006 Heavy weapon bug fixed.
24.06.2006 Can't hit yourself in the bfield anymore.
24.06.2006 Area affect spells work in bfield now.
24.06.2006 Dragonslayer sword spec fixed.
23.06.2006 Fixed phase door to not show the room desc twice.
23.06.2006 Fixed pet crash bug.
23.06.2006 Whirlpool spec fixed.
23.06.2006 Charmed mobs no longer assist hitting the charmer.
23.06.2006 Congratz to Deloshe on becoming a god!
23.06.2006 Gold on mobs in Academy zone updated.
19.06.2006 Updated zone: Graveyard.
19.06.2006 Updated zone: Chapel Catacombs.
18.06.2006 Can't summon chars into or out of the bfield now.
17.06.2006 Weekly Saturday Quests. Starting between 5 and 6pm EST.
15.06.2006 Fireshield can be cast during battle.
15.06.2006 Added an expiration message for regeneration.
14.06.2006 Updated zone: Darkvine.
13.06.2006 Wake shows stand up instead of sit up.
10.06.2006 Updated zone: Spiral.
06.06.2006 Updated zone: Ofcol
06.06.2006 Updated zone: Plains.
29.05.2006 Dragons lair procs nolonger show the vict two messages.
28.05.2006 Removed "The" from the begining of all of the dragon specs.
25.05.2006 Players can't steal gold from sleeping characters now.
25.05.2006 Tick time set back to 60 seconds.
25.05.2006 Regen rates Increased.
22.05.2006 Strength spell changed.
22.05.2006 New spell for anti's (Shadow Shade).
22.05.2006 Updated zone: Thalos. (Some new equ was added.)
22.05.2006 Updated zone: Shire.
22.05.2006 Colors on some socials.
04.05.2006 Mort Policy has been updated. Please read!
25.04.2006 Updated: Mobs in the Wightwarrens have been adjusted.
21.04.2006 Fixed some colors in fight and magic routines.
19.04.2006 New shop feature: Use "id item_number"  or "id item_name" to identify items from list.     
13.04.2006 Vampiric Touch Fixed.
13.04.2006 Autocon changed. Type help autocon
13.04.2006 colored spell help is in.
13.04.2006 Color help is in.
08.04.2006 Color bleed fixed in fight output.
07.04.2006 New Paladin skill: pummel
02.04.2006 Haunted Mansion attached.
02.04.2006 Wimpy for low levels is usefull now.
02.04.2006 Added new zone: Castle of the Ancients (Use caution!!!)
02.04.2006 Added new zone: Vast Ocean (head west on the river)
02.04.2006 Updated zone: Dwarven Catacombs
30.03.2006 More zone's grammar fixed.
27.03.2006 eq damage bug fixed.
24.03.2006 A bunch of grammar spelling and colors in many zones.
16.03.2006 Battle Cry adjusted.
15.03.2006 Deathblow lag reduced to 3 rounds.
14.03.2006 Fixed bug in autocon.
10.03.2006 Revamped socials in.
07.03.2006 Adjusted black annis spec_prog.
07.03.2006 Poison now affects to mob's hp regen.
07.03.2006 Sleep spell fixed.
07.03.2006 Paralysis spell adjusted again.
06.03.2006 Revamped Glenn Finn and surrounding areas in.
06.03.2006 The locations of some shops, bad lands, and guilds have changed.
06.03.2006 Revamped Mud School.
06.03.2006 Revamped Sewers
06.03.2006 New zone: Glenn Finn farm.
06.03.2006 Fixed paging system.
04.03.2006 Damage spells adjusted.
04.03.2006 lock/unlock/open fixed.
04.03.2006 Wimpy is now setable up to 15% of max hp.
04.03.2006 You will nolonger lose any exps if you flee in bfield.
04.03.2006 Blacksmith's spec fixed.
25.02.2006 Warrior's battlecry re-coded.
25.02.2006 1 round lag added to mage's order command.
25.02.2006 Shield of faith adjusted.
25.02.2006 no_recall room flags fixed.
24.02.2006 Adjusted mob level caculation so that it's more consistant.
24.02.2006 Adjusted how mobs use 2nd 3rd and 4th attack in order to make them
meaningful when a mob has them set.
13.02.2006 Players can now see their full aff list at level 1.
13.02.2006 Hot/cold rooms damage fixed.
13.02.2006 Bahumat's spec adjusted.
13.02.2006 Heroism adjusted.
13.02.2006 Few color bleeds fixed.
04.02.2006 Revamped Lost Valley in. Fixes, mobs, and equ.
04.02.2006 Revamped In the Air. Fixes, mobs.
03.02.2006 Fixed Halfling darkvision. It now displays on aff.
01.02.2006 Adjusted mob level caculation.
31.01.2006 Bash adjusted.
31.01.2006 Zulor's and Sazu's spec progs fixed.
31.01.2006 New toggle-command.
31.01.2006 All mobs in game can now use skills.
31.01.2006 damroll, hitroll, ac, thaco and alignment: in now visible for lvl 1 chars.
19.01.2006 New Mud School items in.
17.01.2006 Paladin's shine spell fixed. It makes more damage than before.
17.01.2006 Monks can now see a message when their chants wear off.
17.01.2006 Fight trigger get called once per round now.
17.01.2006 Teleport adjusted.
07.01.2006 Acolyte's 'enchant armor' fixed. Give him sub issue shield or vest and he will enchant it. (Mud School)
07.01.2006 Doom Wizard's spec fixed. He will once again brew his famous doom potions.
07.01.2006 Battle field no longer remove perm affects when player enters in.
07.01.2006 Shops object list fixed.
07.01.2006 Assist skill adjusted.
04.01.2006 New Quest Zone by Cronax added.
04.01.2006 Quest point system added. After succesful questing imms will give you quest points.
04.012006 Anti-paladins will no longer have armor spell.
04.01.2006 New spell for anti-palandins added (Dark Shield). See help 'dark shield'.
                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
                                                               Year 2006
23.12.2005 Spell 'protection from evil' works correctly now. Read the help file.
23.12.2005 Heaven's spec fixed. (Ghosts are now able to go heaven)
23.12.2005 Athaqua spec fixed.
23.12.2005 Potions/page/scrolls works in nomagic rooms now.
19.12.2005 Charm should be a little easier to land. Cha plays a factor now at this.
19.12.2005 Mob level caculation slightly adjusted.
19.12.2005 How AC and Sanctuary affects a mob's level has changed.
19.12.2005 Exp penalty on using more than 2 charmies on any giving char is now in affect
16.12.2005 Last command for mortals added.
15.12.2005 command 'group' has changed.  can see gained exp and gold now. 'group all'  groups everyone whos following you.
12.12.2005 Pets can now be ordered.
12.11.2005 Revamed zone "The Abyss" added. (Dakkon)
10.12.2005 Move regen rate adjusted.
06.12.2005 Monk wear positions adjusted.
01.12.2005 Charmies can now be ordered to flee.
01.12.2005 'Vitalize mana' spell fixed.
30.11.2005 Drink container issues fixed.
30.11.2005 Hydra tail spec fixed.
30.11.2005 Position after death now set to standing.
30.11.2005 Autodonate command added.
22.11.2005 Stinger spec fixed
21.11.2005 Pray for corpse at mob Bahumat fixed.
21.11.2005 Wear command display issue fixed.
21.11.2005 Stone skin can now be cast on the caster.
21.11.2005 Steal skill adjusted.
14.11.2005 Thieves skill adjusted. Dex now plays a role.
13.11.2005 NEW death system:
   "pray" and "reincarnate" commands are in place now. If you die you become a ghost. You can pray in the room with your corpse to come back. You can "reincarnate" at temple for massive xp loss and ugly "chill touch" affect. Ghosts can't see anything or communicate easily but they can move over any terrain and pass through doors (with an experience loss for it).


10.11.2005 Mortal post office added. Type "mail" to send and "receive mail" to get mail. This must be done at the post office.
10.11.2005 Betting system has added to battle field.
10.11.2005 'b' now aliasses 'brief'.
10.11.2005 Mobs are now all flagged STAY_ZONE
10.11.2005 'repair all' command fixed.
09.11.2005 bs is now an alias for backstab
09.11.2005 New zone added. "Golem Tower 2"
05.11.2005 Players no longer age in storage.
05.11.2005 New skills command to list your skills and what level you get them.
05.11.2005 Spells command like hl2 is now in.
04.11.2005 'Detect evil' fixed.
04.11.2005 Hours Played counter fixed.
04.11.2005 Aligment changes now happen at the same rate as under HL2.
04.11.2005 'Idea' and 'news' command fixed.
04.11.2005 You can now gain exp for mobs who that bleed to death.
04.11.2005 'Bless' spell fixed.
04.11.2005 'Scan' command fixed.
04.11.2005 Autoconsider is in. Type autocon to toggle. +++ is 3 or more levels above --- is 3 or more below.
01.11.2005 New thief skill: escape
01.11.2005 Trip skill works now.
01.11.2005 Bash is new and improved.
01.11.2005 Train command is now used to meta. It must be done at your guild.
01.11.2005 Combat initiative. Dex place a big part!
01.11.2005 New Stat 'Cha' It's important for charming!
01.11.2005 Max number of Charmies has changed
01.11.2005 Charmies no longer have a damage penalty.
01.11.2005 Charmie can no longer wear equ other than what they pop with.
01.11.2005 Acolyte can enchant certain piece of armor.
01.11.2005 Revamped "Moria", "Dwarven-Kingdom" and "Dwarven mines" added (Cronax)
01.11.2005 Revamped "Troy" and "Drow-city" added (Damogran)
10.09.2005 Rough version of website has been published
12.09.2005 Battle field is in.

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