Creating Objects For Highlands III
***READ ME***

    There are some general guidelines that must be gone over when it comes to making objects for highlands.   Once upon a time when highlands first opened there was no check system for equipment and some equipment being modified for immortals friends, favors, and cheating.  At the time allot of files was edited back to the way they should be and others in such a manner to bring balance to the game.  Allot of things in the game has been coded and created based on the current stats and balance of the game and  a builder must keep that in mind.  

    When considering the stats of an object one must take in account several things to see if it fits into the balance.  

First and foremost do an equipment comparison.
Example: I want to make a level 17 damage bracelet.  I would look up the bracelets that have hit and dam bonuses.  Select several examples lower and higher level then the one I intend to make.  I look to see what stats fall in-between the examples and set the stats accordingly.


Secondly compare the mobs the equipment loads on.  
Example : A Cyclops Club is a nice level 1 item, however it loads on a level 40ish mob.  It would not be acceptable to make an object like this load on a level 1 mob.

REQUIRED: Copy and paste your examples, and your object into a text file and email them to me.  If you are going outside or cannot find suitable comparables I want a detailed reason why you think this fits into the balance and justify it with examples.

Lastly keep junk equipment/trash limited.

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