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Highlands has been around +25 years now. Through out the years the mud has changed hands numerous times. It has always been home to a lot of dedicated players. Even though it�s changed hands, and name after allot of code had been replaced. It has always been a place for players and friends to call home.

After the name was changed to Highlands II for about the next 10 years there had been allot of talk about a Highlands III. Several times the project had been started but was lost in changing hands or other reasons.

The time for Highlands III is now. In 2004/2005 a group of us got together and launched this project out of love and dedication and wanted to see the mud take its next step in hopefully becoming and even better mud.

Some of the things we have added/brought back: 10 quest levels, Auto-Quests, Quest equipment, Battlefield is back, Clans are back, numerous commands, Automated auction system, New charmed system, Training system replaced the meta system, Made players stats more prominent in determining success rates of spells/skills, Lots of old zones have been revamped to make them more useful, Bunch of new zones.

Once upon a time when the original creators started this mud it may have, or may not have been intended to be about the movie/TV �Highlander�, but nothing short of changing the town name to Glen Finn, and a mob named Connor did anything further develop.

The current staff had discussion about what direction to take the mud in regards to our theme. We had several options. First change the name: we have always been highlands so that wasn�t an option we liked. Second to make it more like the movie/TV �Highlander�: we decided that wasn�t what we were after. We decided to go with the idea of making it �Highlands of Scotland� the best way to go.

A fully comprehensible plan and map was created for developing our theme and storyline, and is currently being built. It contains over 70 zones nearly 400 rooms in roads all based in highlands from 1200-1600AD. There is room for allot more to be added once the goals of this build has been achieved. Each of these zones will contain a mini-quest or quests. After the first 16 zones are entered and functional the development of a playable storyline quest/reward system will be implemented.

Highlands III welcomes new players, and embraces old players that have lost their way.

Look forward to seeing you on the Mud.
The Highlands Staff

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